Thursday, April 15, 2010

Alangkah Bertuahnya Kita

Petikan dari sebuah email yang di'forward'kan kepada ku. Mari kita sama2 renungkannya.

Subject: FW: Lucky to have warm Masjids. Look at our brethren in icy Kazakhstan deprived of a "Masjid"

Muslims attend Friday prayers under a snowfall at the Central mosque in Astana (Almaty), Kazakhstan February 5, 2010. A vast region wedged between China , Iran , Afghanistan and Russia , Central Asia found itself on the frontline of global affairs last year when it agreed to host a vital new supply route for NATO forces fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan . Gripped by deepening gloom about economic stagnation and poverty, the mainly Muslim but secular region has become increasingly susceptible to extremist ideas in past years. Picture taken February 5, 2010. To match analysis CENTRALASIA- SECURITY/ REUTERS/Shamil Zhumatov ( KAZAKHSTAN - Tags: RELIGION POLITICS)

Assalamu Alaikum,
Kazakhstan and other Central Asian Tans-Uzbekistan, Kirghistan , Turkmenistan , Tadjikistan are still ruled by former communist apparatchiks. Masjids were supposedly allowed to be built after the fall of communism to show the world that they have freedom of religion but as the photos depict, Masjids are not allowed to be built to keep pace with growing trend of believers to pray, despite the harsh conditions they face.

Bagaimana pula kita yang telah tersedia segala kemudahan?

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